What a Terrible Night To Have A Curse

In the world we know we are fascinated by the supernatural despite our desire not to believe in it. What if I told you all of it were true?
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 The things I do when I get bored....

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Should I post more of my little stories??
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The things I do when I get bored.... Empty
PostSubject: The things I do when I get bored....   The things I do when I get bored.... EmptyWed May 03, 2017 7:08 pm

((Using a prompt given to me by Rin, this is what I came up with. One of probably like 100 of the "Adrian gets his ass beat by humans" stories.))

He laid on the ground, covering his head to shield it from the sticks and rocks that barraged his body. He was crying, he knew, because it hurt as bruises started to form on his white skin. Why… All he wanted was to play with children his own size. Most of the monsters were hesitant or unwilling to play with him and Uncle Death was busy directing Slogra and Gaibon’s patrols around the castle grounds. It was after they both left from the starting position that he had turned into a small bat and flew out of the castle. He had human blood, so he would be able to play with the other children. Those were the words he thought as he had flown through the forest, turning back into his human-like form before he had left the cover of the trees.

He had wandered quietly for a while as deer and goats fled far from him. They had smelled his vampire blood for sure and were scared for their lives. He had kept going for what seemed like hours until he came across a village a bit past what he knew as his mother’s old home. There in the village square, a group of children were playing some game where they would hop within boxes formed out of sticks to other stick boxes on the ground. This was the Dhampir’s chance, he knew, to finally make friends consisting of his own appeared age. He ran as slowly as he could, making sure to keep his incredible speed from his father’s blood under heavy control. “Bună seara!” he called out to them in their native tongue. The other children looked at him with confusion swirling in their eyes. Understandable, he knew, he was greeting them and they had never seen him before.

After some light convincing, the children agreed to let him play with them and explained the rules of their game to him. It was simple, and Adrian excelled well at it, with his graceful maneuverability in air. However not everyone was so welcoming to him. A young woman, barely in her teens had happened to chance upon the group and watched the halfling intently. He was impeccably beautiful, even for a child, laughing and playing with the local children. More people started to gather around the children, until the young woman noted upon something unfamiliar to the locals. Some of these strange boy’s teeth were sharp and his eyes glistened like the night’s lights in the sky. A rolling feeling in the woman’s abdomen told her to beware and she let out a glare at the child. “AJUTOR!!” she cried out and gained the attention of the others. They looked to her in fear and alarm. The woman pointed to Adrian in alarm and the boy looked at her in terror. “VAMPYRE!!!” the woman shouted and the young boy started to back away.

“DU-TE DE AICI!!” Shouted the people of the square as they had started to gather the sticks and stones to throw at the child. “DEVIL’S CHILD!!” they screamed at him as he ran. As a particularly large rock hit Adrian in the back of the head, he collapsed to the ground and began to cry almost pitifully.

He was terrified and scared until he felt a body cover over his own. He looked behind him with his bloodshot tear-filled eyes to see his mother shielding her child from the barrage. She herself winced and cried out in pain as the assault slammed into her form. “She’s the devil’s whore!” One of the villagers screamed out in disgust, “Leave, you demons!”

Lisa pulled herself to her hands and knees, a small bit of blood trickling down her brow. Her child shuddered out a whimper, as she got to her knees and cradled her child, shielding him in her arms. She wobbled to her feet as she moved as quickly as she could from the village.

The pair had stopped at her old home on their way back and she led the child inside. Rustling through the drawers, she pulled her medical supplies from their resting places. “Come, Adrian. Let me tend to your wounds. The last thing we need is your father to see us in this way.”

“In what way?” came the Vampire King’s voice from the open doorway. He could come no closer due to the crosses freshly placed back in their old places around the home; holding the places they were in the years before Lisa had met Vlad; but his vibrant ruby eyes almost glowed in the night air. His nostrils flared slightly as the scent of blood entered his senses, he looked over his wife and child seeing the wounds littering their forms. The Dark Lord felt his stilled blood practically boiling in his veins as his eyes grew fiery with a passionate anger. Sensing the sudden weight in the air, Lisa ran to her husband and took him in her arms, holding him close to her. Hushed whispers were exchanged between the two and Adrian tried his best not to eavesdrop. He heard his name mentioned a few times and how humans were dangerous to him. Eventually, after being somewhat calmed, the Vampire beckoned Adrian to him, to which the boy responded by walking sheepishly to his father.

Led outside, Vlad knelt down so he was only a small bit above his son’s head, “Adrian. What you did was very dangerous, you understand that, correct? You could have been hurt worse. Or your mother could have been hurt worse. Swear to me that you will not do something as dangerous as that again.” He said, trying to soften the firmness of his voice. Adrian directed his golden eyes to the ground, feeling slightly intimidated by his father. He had appeared so angry when he saw his family hurt. The boy nodded quietly at first before his father moved a clawed finger gently under the boy’s chin to look his father in the eyes. “I need your promise, my son.” he said, an unfamiliar glimmer shown in his father’s eyes. It looked almost like fear.

The boy whimpered slightly and pulled his hands to hold on another. “I promise, Tata...” He said quietly. After the words were spoken, the Dark Lord pulled his son close, using his own cloak like a shield and scooped the boy up into his arms as he stood.

“Lisa. Let us return home.” He said, glancing down at his young son gripping onto the collar of his tunic. The blonde she-doctor nodded and gently placed her hand on her husband’s arm as they left back to the Castle on the cliff’s edge.

((Bună seara - Good Evening
Ajutor - Help
Du-te de Aici - Get out (or something similar to that)
Translated words))

"He wears the smell of blood and death like a perfume.
There is fire in his eyes and ice in his veins; but you love him anyway.
For he is a star, burning with the light of a thousand suns,
And your world is dark without him"
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The things I do when I get bored....
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