What a Terrible Night To Have A Curse

In the world we know we are fascinated by the supernatural despite our desire not to believe in it. What if I told you all of it were true?
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 The Doctrine of Fundamental Goodness

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The Doctrine of Fundamental Goodness Empty
PostSubject: The Doctrine of Fundamental Goodness   The Doctrine of Fundamental Goodness EmptyFri Sep 15, 2017 6:28 pm

The lyrics that inspired this one? Because apparently I can't stop emotionally battering little Adrian...
This is going to be a super short AU of "if Alu didn't defect". Kill me now or kill me later.

"If I seemed to be a demon, then let's praise me, even for just a bit.  
Even if Blood flows when you grip onto my cold white fingers,
Your smiling face from long ago is long gone.
But If I'm at fault, then someday...
Please, from your heart, hate and kill the cruel me.
If the wounded words decay, and the evil that scours the world vanishes, please, please, please smile and kill the cruel me.
Don't grieve if you vow to kill me, then heaven's light can shine down upon the two of us.
Someone, please smile at me, and learn my hidden truth.
I want you to hold my hands that tremble too much.
I wonder why, even now, you look so sad"

The young man looked upon his father, the crimson streaking down from his equally red eyes. The Dhampir Prince stood as his father was overtaken by grief. Adrian, the only child of The King of Vampires and his Human wife, had no tears left to shed, having drained his heart of them forced to watch his mother burn alive. Humans had been filled with hatred and cruelty, killing the innocent woman for things that had never been her fault. Was it because of her compassion and love for Vlad Dracula Tepes and Adrian that the church and it's people declared her "the Devil's Whore" and a Witch? When his father's grief replaced with rage, the only child was there right beside him.

Humans had suffered and died beneath the armies of Castlevania, and Adrian watched along with his rage-fueled father as the beauty of the Romanian countryside was reduced to little more than ashes. Would his mother have wished for such things? Of course not. But reason was lost upon his father, and Adrian's anger wasn't quite quelled itself. The last traces of his mother's heart slowed it's beat in his chest. He excused himself from his father's side as the pain in his chest spread through the tendrils of nerves at each part of his body.

He watched quietly as his father left to the throne room, the single place of the castle where his father now spent most of his time. His father barely seemed to see the boy now. The father he adored playing with as a child was gone. His loving mother burned at the stake, while her son could do nothing to save her. His doting father gone the moment she died. His precious family was nothing more than the ashes that remained of his mother.

Even the lonely Prince was nothing like he once was.

Perhaps that was why when the trio of hunters arrived through the final gates of the castle, Adrian himself stood in their way. A hunter wielding a whip shrouded in holy magic, a sorceress and the pirate who had almost reached his father's throne room before. He would die in this battle, he was sure.

"Belmont." The dhampir muttered as he eyed the whip wielding hunter. The one who had destroyed hoards of his father's minions. The fight was a long one. Thankfully, He had done some damage to the pirate and Belmont, and using the last of his strength he transferred himself from the ground of the long hallway to his father's throne room. He barely felt his father's arms scoop the prince into them. The words spoken from his father's lips sounded distant, and the dhampir could hardly make them out.

"Tata...." he said weakly as he reached his bloody hand to his father's now blood-streaked cheeks. His father's cold hand gripped onto the son's own cold hand. "You look... So sad... I'm... Sorry..." He trailed off as his head fell weak and the last traces if his half-living self melted out his golden eyes.

Please do not Deplore yourself.
Even if the world does not forgive you, I will.
So please tell me,
What will it take for you to forgive me?

Again, short and not overly detailed. Not my best, but I do like it a lot. I wanted it to be short and not as detailed and ranty as I usually do. It still broke my heart to write. Now back into the depths of obscurity with me.

"He wears the smell of blood and death like a perfume.
There is fire in his eyes and ice in his veins; but you love him anyway.
For he is a star, burning with the light of a thousand suns,
And your world is dark without him"
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The Doctrine of Fundamental Goodness
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