What a Terrible Night To Have A Curse

In the world we know we are fascinated by the supernatural despite our desire not to believe in it. What if I told you all of it were true?
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 The Dragon's War

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PostSubject: The Dragon's War   Thu May 17, 2018 6:31 pm

Summer of 1896, Bran's Castle.

Within the shadows light a young man stands at a table, his ruby hues looking upon the recently updated map of Europe. Long ebony locks framed the man's face as he studied the map, the prince of the castle was tired of hiding away beyond these cobblestone walls. No, the prince had decided it was time for him and his father to leave Wallachia behind and start a new journey. To stop wallowing within his country and living to the people's superstition. The prince drew an ink pen from its resting spot on the table; with a chuckle he circled the destination he wanted for them to travel to. He would be the first to depart and make sure the transitions would be smoothly. They would need property, they would need documentation. There were many steps for them to take before they could travel to the country of his choosing.

Britain. A declared supremacy in the world, but not for long it would soon be under the power of the dragon and his acolytes. A chuckle escaped his lips as the candlelight flickered about the prince of Wallachia, a fanged grin tugged at his lips as Mihnea Dracul proceeded to write a letter describing his desires and plans to his beloved father. Vlad Dracul.

Dearest Tata,
I, Mihnea Dracul depart from our home here in Wallachia in preparation to find us a new land to conquer. A new life for us to begin, new adventures await for us my dear father. I shall make this a reality, I shall prepare the destination for us. I will gather us documentation among other things. I shall speak with you soon my father.

Mihnea Dracul.

And with that letter left behind for his father, the prince departs from the castle leaving it behind while he ventures to Great Britain. Upon his arrival in the great country; his eyes sweep about with excitement, wickedness, and great amusement. The prince began to walk down the bustling street; where he began to search for someone who can assist him in his quests. After what seemed like an hour passed, Mihnea would find a firm filled with solicitors, lawyers and more. Pushing open the door, he entered approaching a man sitting behind a desk. The prince took a seat in the chair across from him, crossing his legs he folds his hands together before aheming to gain his attention which he did.

"I have a proposition for you sir. I need someone to head to my homeland and help my father sell his land so we can move here. We wish to relocate here in Britain." He states to the man who look at the young man with intrigue before nodding to his words. "I see, well I must welcome you here! Coming to Britain is a great choice. Now, sir what is your title?" He inquires with curiosity, Mihnea chuckles with amusement. "Conte. Conte Mihnea Dracul." he replies with his eyes glimmering, the two continued their conversation for a good hour or so before the agreement was made that the firm would send one of its men to Wallachia to the man's father. And that they would put him in a temporary house until they could find him property he could purchase.

August of 1897
Whitby Bay

Miles away in Whitby a party was being hosted the Westenra family; Lord and Lady Westenra were filled with pride for their daughter's nineteenth birthday had passed as well as the graduation of their daughter's dearest friend. Mina Murray, it was a joint celebration. Whilst the guests were all gathered down in various rooms, the stars of the occasion were no where to be seen. Lucy Westenra sat in her bedroom at her vanity staring at her reflection with her jade hues, she took in Mina's image sitting on the edge of Lucy's bed. "Mina, darling. Do you think Jack will be visiting? Perhaps even Quincey?" She inquires glancing over her shoulder to look upon her dearest friend since childhood, Mina Murray was more than a friend. She was practically a sister to the blonde; Lucy's hands grip slightly at the back of the chair. She was ready mostly besides a sudden wave of nerves, nerves she rarely got.

Lucy knew she had to behave this night; all of her parents' friends, associates, and acquaintances were attending this party. Everyone her parents knew within society's highest circle was here, yet Lucy herself was a young woman ahead of her time. She was outspoken and driven by her dreams and ambitions, but Lucy was growing sick of aristocracy and was desiring for a life of untamed adventure. Lucy looked upon Mina with those radiant hues, a fleeting thought crossed her mind though as she looked upon her dearest friend. What if that man Mina was fawning over would come tonight? What would occur between them? "Do you think Harker will be coming as well?" she asks with a small smirk creasing to her lips.  

Two blue hues stare nervously through the carriage window as the young solicitor and lawyer sat in the cushioned seats, gently he thumbed over the handkerchief she had given him long ago. It was soothing to him, but his heart was drumming against his chest with his brows knitted together. He was hoping he could speak with Mina in private; there was so much he wanted to discuss with her. How would he tell her about the job he might be assigned to? He had not received confirmation on it just yet. But none the less he wanted to discuss it with her. Especially since it would be taking him out of country for a few months. Jonathan releases a heavy sigh as his head falls back against the seat, his eyes closed as he thought of the woman he adored so deeply. He needed her more than he needed breath itself. He slipped his hand into other pocket, he thumbed over it gently before gripping it.

"Are we almost there?" He calls up to the carriage driver leaning forward to speak through the slide window, the coachman nodded glancing over his shoulder with a small smile. "Yes. We are almost at the Westenra Estate." He replied to the lawyer, once he received the confirmation he relaxed back into the seat.


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The Dragon's War
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