What a Terrible Night To Have A Curse

In the world we know we are fascinated by the supernatural despite our desire not to believe in it. What if I told you all of it were true?
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 I Am a Lonely Sack of Boredom (Game Rantings)

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I Am a Lonely Sack of Boredom (Game Rantings) Empty
PostSubject: I Am a Lonely Sack of Boredom (Game Rantings)   I Am a Lonely Sack of Boredom (Game Rantings) EmptyWed Feb 15, 2017 6:51 pm

I had done at one point doing "Sassy" explaining of Castlevania characters and games when I was bored for like a week. It helped me put my shitty humor to fun use.
I can't get much better than that, but thinking about those, got me wanting to rant and be obnoxious with my ranting and such for the games.

Starting I guess with Castlevania and Belmont's Curse.

I don't really have much to rant about the first game, except for his WONDERFUL walk cycle and his AMAZING jump abilities. But those aren't Simon's fault. #BlameMedusaHeads

Castlevania II: Simon's Curse, however... I'm gonna have to say. Those fudging villagers are little shits. I get they're probably terrified of Simon collecting random pieces of Dracula (like a fingernail. What the Hell Simon.) And don't get me started on the nintendo power needed puzzle. More of poor Simon's sprite limitations and humorous walking cycle.
Lastly for this one, though... I question Simon's apparent complete Trust in Strangers, going to collect the apparently dismembered pieces of his family's Arch-nemesis because some lady walked up to him in a graveyard and was like "yeah, that infected wound on your back? That shit's gonna kill you unless you resurrect Dracula and kill that fucker again. Have Fun, Belmont." Though apparently he must have cut that fucker up again after beating him FOR THE SECOND TIME, cause he's not the only person who goes off and collects the gross ass things again.

Next time on: "What The Fuck Castlevania?"! "Trevor's Awkward Foursome" and "Whoops Simon's at it Again"

"He wears the smell of blood and death like a perfume.
There is fire in his eyes and ice in his veins; but you love him anyway.
For he is a star, burning with the light of a thousand suns,
And your world is dark without him"
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I Am a Lonely Sack of Boredom (Game Rantings)
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