What a Terrible Night To Have A Curse

In the world we know we are fascinated by the supernatural despite our desire not to believe in it. What if I told you all of it were true?
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 CV: The Dark Legacy Begins

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In the year 1097 Lady Vasilisa Cronqvist's world completely shattered following the loss of daughter in law and grandchild; the loss of her son and adopted son would cause the woman to fall into an never awakening slumber. The pain of losing her children, Vasilisa made yet another pact with her demon companion Magnus. With his help he would place her into a magically induced slumber; she would wake when it was time for her to be Mathias's mother once again. With her 'death' would bring the fall of the Cronqvist line and most traces of them would vanish; a tragedy of legends.


Elisabetha's death was the first strike against Miriam's heart; then with the death of Sara to the hands of the vampire Walter. Upon learning it was a plan conveyed by Mathias Cronqvist; a man she once adored and obeyed without hesitation became someone she could not dare look upon. Unable to follow in Aleksander's stead in joining her lord in eternal damnation, Miriam Raene with a heavy heart moved onward with her life.

Knowing Elisabetha would want her to live. For the sake of continuing his bloodline; and perhaps it was a means of convenience for her. She chose to marry Leon Belmont and becoming the mother to his children.
An honor that should have always belonged to Sara; knowing that his heart would always belong to Sara and her heart chained down by Aleksander's essence. Miriam desperately tried to find a way to love Leon more than simply respect of friendship and him being the father of her children. A part of her did grow to love him.

Yet upon receiving a letter from Aleksander; a part of her could not refuse meeting with him one last time.
This decision would be her undoing; once again she refused his proposal of eternal love and life with him.
Unable to do that to Elisabetha's name. This would set of Aleksander's rage; and he would strike her down in a gruesome way. Miriam's death, would haunt Aleksander in ways that would bring rage and embitterment.


Sara's soul would remain forever linked with the whip; her voice and spirit would be heard and sometimes seen with each Belmont she was passed onto. The stronger their own spirit was; the stronger connection to them was. She would watch over all of them; and continuing her cause to prevent such fatalities like hers to occur again.


Carmilla Le Fanu, a powerful vampiress would go on to find loyalty to that Mathias now known as Vlad Dracula Tepes. His demonic castle would become a haven for her and her inhuman child. She would us her cunning mind and beauty to her advantage; how could she not?


[ that is my sum up for now ]


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CV: The Dark Legacy Begins
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